Arts, Education and Urban Life

Education and Everyday Life

Short strories with long endings

Published in english by Hawker Brownlow Education

Australia, 2005


Can the moon have children? Are people who live on the street dead or alive? Who am I?

Listening to children’s questions is one of the most powerful ways to understand the potential of education. Educators  teachers, parents or others interested in education  are situated on the threshold between the most spontaneous comments of children and the deepest philosophical issues. The difficulty is in recognising this space and learning how to move in it. Education and Everyday Life: Short stories with long endings aims to help by asking a number of questions intimately related to the practice of teaching and teacher training. Questions such as: How to deal simultaneously with the uniqueness of every child and the necessary balance of a class? Does age define the boundaries of education? Can perhaps be a teacher’s answer? If so, for how long? How would teaching change if children were thought of as foreigners? Does it make sense to talk about death with young children? Is identity a question reserved only for adults?

Education and Everyday Life: Short stones with long endings offers parents, teachers and teacher educators stories about life and death; love and rejection; confusion and enlightenment, to encourage them to bring philosophy into the classroom, the kitchen, the family car, and all the other places where education takes place.

Eulàlia Bosch is a lecturer in philosophy and an educational advisor to art galleries all over the world. She has helped to develop and expand a program of ‘aesthetic education’ through her work at Gao lletres, and her main professional locus is on exploring the relationship between the educational institutions and cultural life of modem cities. She has acted as an educational consultant for the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, director of the European project Edu_arts, founder and director of the Educational Department of the Museum of Contemporary Art of Barcelona and President of Sophia, the European Foundation for the Advancement of Philosophy with Children.

Eulàlia Bosch