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Lights Years

An Eugènia Balcells exhibition curated by Eulàlia Bosch

Cosmocaixa, Barcelona, 2018
Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Panamá, 2017
Centro de las Artes de Nuevo Leon , México, 2015-2016
Centro de las artes  de Querétaro, México, 2015
Centro Nacional de las Artes, DF, (Cenart), México, 2015
Tabacalera espacio Promoción del Arte, Madrid 2012

LIGHT YEARS is an exhibition by Eugènia Balcells curated by Eulàlia Bosch. It consists of two installations, UNIVERSE and FREQUENCIES, accompanied by the film GLIMPSE OF THE UNIVERSE and the mural HOMAGE TO THE ELEMENTS. These four pieces have been made by Eugènia Balcells in the past three years, during which time her artistic career has been recognised by the Spanish Ministry of Culture with the gold Medal for Merit in the Fine Arts 2009 and by the Generalitat de Catalunya with The National Prize of Visual Arts 2009

LIGHT YEARS is a journey into the memory of the universe. A memory that begins in the stars and is gathered inside the elemental particles that make up matter. It is a hymn to the complexity of the light that creates life in its path. It is an opportunity to remember that everything in existence was once nothing but star dust.